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FIXATE Gel Pads Reusable Washable Powerful Gel Stickers (2 Pieces Packing)

RM 22.00

2 PCS Magical Super Powerful Fixate Gel Pad Strong Stick Glue Wall Sticker Round+Triangle

 Product Name: Fixate all-powerful casual Stick

Specifications: One package has two sticks: a round one (diameter 8cm) and a triangular one (side length 8cm)

Usage: It can be used immediately when you paste it on any place. Can be washed with water and can continue to use after drying.

It can firmly stick to any smooth flat surface without leaving any traces;

Even if you tilt the flat vertically, it will not slide.

The holes on the Anti-slip pad have very strong adsorption force.

Australia imported, non-toxic, tasteless, recyclable, in line with International environmental protection standards.

It has good hydrophobicity. The original performance won't be influenced after washing with water. It can be washed repeatedly, with sticky force unchanged.