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SAST AY-T56 car, mobile phone, car charger, Bluetooth MP3 player, hands-free phone, FM double USB cigarette lighter

RM 59.00

1, support insert 32GB disk is connected;

2, double USB, 3400MA output current can charge two mobile phones and electronic products simultaneously .
3, integrated injection body, compact structure, detection of stylish 0.4. supports the battery voltage, and the frequency of alternating display. The Bluetooth wireless mobile phone navigation PA mobile phone charging battery life side navigation listen while charging does not interfere with each other when navigation voice broadcast songs volume automatically reduce the navigation voice at the end of the song call bell music automatic volume increased stop automatically through car stereo handsfree press2, the phone number at the end of the callback

1, battery voltage display: power on, display voltage, and voltage is normal, voice prompt (R12V is normal), voltage flicker after 3 seconds, and then show the current machine FM frequency;
2, Bluetooth Songs: boot digital display) after 1 second into the voltage display;Last in 3 seconds + frequency point (BT) flashing in the native FM frequency points FM frequency tuning into a consistent with the car, open the bluetooth, search to the device name "BT - C26" and matching success, voice prompt connection is successful, the screen display of BT mode, the open cell phone music playback tools, phone music such as multimedia broadcast music can be sent to the car stereo
3, U disk songs, inserted U disk, adjust the machine FM frequency FM frequency is consistent with the car, Kane music launch to car audio playback; Support MP3 and WMA format file, it can be used when the TF card reader
4, Bluetooth hands-free phone calls, rings, automatic pause music, connected through car stereo handsfree; driving safety, conductive volume amplification, while listening to the side, conductive, while charging, automatic voice navigation mobile phone volume amplification, clear and beautiful
5, all frequency point emission,87.5-108.0MHZ, LCD LCD screen, display working frequency, working state, BT, Call, etc.
8, A2DP function, full duplex true Li